Tuesday, May 30, 2006

happy birthday baby

its 12:44 am wednesday may 31st, this is significant because it has been my birthday for the last 44 minutes....i just got off work and i am tired and fat.....i have been recently been apartment hunting and let me tell you its not fun...and at the same time its loads of fun...but when you find the apartment of your dreams and its the right price and the landlords say they will hold it for you and you call them the next day and they have already signed a lease with someone else your heart breaks a little.....and then every other apartment just isn't as good as that one.....i do think i have found one however...its just a matter of coming up with the first months rent to hold it for me...for i won't be taking it until july 1st....so what i am trying to say is if all my readers chip in 287.50 then i should have enough money to pay for my rent thank you i will accept cheques, cash or money orders......
thank you
good day

Thursday, May 04, 2006

i know you all want to be me

so i met willie nelson today.....thank u....... he was golfing at the golf course where i work....no one else got to go out and see him...ahha suckers..... then we smoked a joint...haha just kiddin...but that would have been sweet!! ahhahahaha lata

Monday, May 01, 2006

so i have just moved into my new place....its a house and its very dirty.....not happy about that....my landlord is a friend of mine so it makes for a good/bad situation......i am living in the basement of a house with my good buddy patti and chris bruce(ewh) for the summer... in september patti and i will be moving upstairs and having it all to ourselves...i can't wait...its scary down here...and i have seen two spiders all ready....i almost fainted....i currently have three jobs....which is incredibly stressful!!!! i am a waitress at two golf courses and a cashier at shoppers!! its pretty hectic....however after this coming week it will be down to one golf course and shoppers....so i just gotta get through this........i gotta make dollars or it don't make sense....ahhaha.....shout out to all you rappers.....ahha holla....ooo this is fun.....i got in a car accident today......and it wasn't my fault!! woooooooooooooo love that....cost him a 1000 bucks....ahhaha...good times.....and i am bored for now ....so back to cleaning this dungeon....lata playas....

Sunday, April 09, 2006


So I think its time for a little photo shoot courtesy of me and my gals.....

as u can see we were bored and this is what we came up with!!!

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

This is the dawning of the age of aquarius....

So I am back. I am only staying a minute though......I just wanted to point out that my other sister has found the blogging world. She commented on my last post to tell me that now knows how to comment. What was amusing is that she put "hoe" instead of "how" so when i first read it I was all what?? If you knew her you would know the chances of her calling me a hoe are slim to none.....Shna on the other hand would do it in heart beat.

Thursday, February 16, 2006

in light of certain events

Undo it, take it back
Make every day the previous one,
Until I am returned to the one before the one
that made you gone
Or sit me on an airplane traveling west
Crossing the dateline over and over
Losing this day, and that the day of loss
still lies ahead
And you are here instead of sorrow

Thursday, February 09, 2006

you seem a decent fellow, i hate to die.

well well well....3 holes in the ground......if you have visited my sisters blog lately you will note she is tired and cranky all the time....that is too bad i am truly sorry for her....i on the other hand and happy and cheerful all the live long day!! here is a challange for my dear sister...see if you can figure these out shna:
here is an example so you know what i am talking about: i'm myself= i'm beside myself

1) iiiiiiiiii

2) ubetweens

3) jus144tice

4) ianitro

5) think


you have until midnight tomorrow to figure this out or else .......*evil laughter*